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We have always believed in using breeding best practices that allow us to focus our breeding program on producing healthy show quality dogs. We breed to the written AKC Shetland Sheepdog standard. We have never followed fads or trends. Our record speaks for itself.


2018 Champions

1. Ch. Breyston's Kismet En Vogue


2017 Champions

1. Ch. Kismet Cadeneaux Silver Lining

2. Ch. Kismet's The Beat Goes On

3. Ch. Kismet's Apparent Heir

4. Ch. Karisma's Start Spreading the News

5. Ch. Tradewinds Time Bandit of Kismet the News

6. Ch. Breyston's Dior Jdore

2016 Champions

1. Ch. PaRay's Kismet Mystere

2. Ch. Kismet's Wind Chimes

3. Ch. PaRay's Panasonic

4. Ch. Kismet's Legendary

5. Ch. Kismet's Whispers in the Dark at Springmist

6. Ch. Kismet's Breyston Prada

7. Ch. Breyston's Kismet Fashion Statment

8. Ch. Karisma's Fire Goddess

9. Ch. Kismet's It's About Time

10. Ch. Springmist Kismet Exotica

11. Ch. Kismet's At Last

2015 Champions

1. Ch. Kismet's Silk & Satin

2. Ch. Kismet's Antioch Avalanche

3. Ch. Kismet's Jared

4. Ch. Donlyns Blue Ice

5. Ch. Kismet's Darlin Sara

6. Ch. Kismet's Breyston Christian

2014 Champions

1. Ch. Kismet's Chateau Texas Gambler

2. Ch. Kismet's Breakaway

3. Ch. Kismet's Without A Trace

4. Ch. Breyston's Night Ranger of Kismet

5. Ch. Serendipity Kismet Knave of Hearts

6. Ch. Kismet's Diamonds in the Sky of Tradewinds

2013 Champions

1. Ch. Antioch Dutchess of Kismet

2. BISS Ch. Kismet’s Chateau Successor

3. BISS Ch. Chosen Kismet Surprise

4. BISS Ch. Kismet's New Moon at Springmist

5. Ch. Kismet's Orion Serengeti

6. Ch. Kismet's Never Say Never

7. Ch. Kismet's Silver Minx ROM

8. Ch. Kismet's Serendipity Caress

9. Ch. Kismet's Remember When

10. Ch. Kismet's High Fashion

11. Ch. Kismet's Chateau Lauren

2012 Champions

1. Ch. Kismet's Touch of Silk

2. BISS Ch. Kismet’s Risky Business

3. Ch. Kismet’s Atwater Desiree

4. Ch. Cambridge Commander

5. Ch. Kismet's It Shall Be

6. Ch. Kismet's New Dawn

7. Ch. Kismet's Enchanted Inspiration

8. Ch. Kismet's Chatterbox







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